Our 奥克兰 location is a 麦克 和 沃尔沃 semi truck dealer, as well as a 日野 和 麦克中型 经销商.

We offer an ample selection of new medium 和 heavy duty trucks for sale for a vast array of applications, from box trucks to heavy-duty sleepers, 和 our sales teams can help you spec out the truck you’re looking for. Whether you’re a small owner-operator or a large fleet, our 奥克兰 branch has the trucking equipment to meet your business needs.

New 和 Used 卡车 销售

Our sales department offers new 麦克 和 沃尔沃 heavy-duty trucks, like the class leading 沃尔沃 VNL as well as vocational workhorses like the 麦克 Granite 和 沃尔沃 VNX. We are also an authorized 日野 经销商 和 sell their full lineup of medium 和 heavy-duty trucks.

沃尔沃 VNR new truck sales



We also have expansive 部分 和太阳集团493 departments that can get you the truck 部分 you need, or fix the problems with your truck in a flash to get you in 和 out fast. Our 部分 department stocks a wide range of truck 部分 ranging from OEM to aftermarket for most heavy- 和 medium-duty makes 和 models. We can even help you find the specific 部分 you need. Our team is filled with 麦克 和 沃尔沃 部分 experts with more than 30 years of experience.

卡车太阳集团493 和 Repair

Our service department is fully staffed with 麦克, 沃尔沃 和 康明斯 certified 和 experienced diesel technicians. Boasting one of the area’s best truck repair shops, TEC Equipment 奥克兰 knows how to take care of your truck 和 get back on the road. We also know your safety depends on keeping your vehicle in exceptional condition. That’s why we retain the most experienced 和 highly-trained technicians in the industry 和 support them with state-of-the-art tools 和 facilities.

奥克兰 is also an authorized 部分 和太阳集团493 center for 汽车 terminal tractors 和 an authorized Prevost service center.


Our 奥克兰 leasing department offers a wide range of 全套太阳集团493租赁 和 商业租金 options to keep your company moving. Our lease 计划 are available on a wide assortment of trucks from medium duty to heavy duty 和 come will full maintenance packages so you can focus on our business while we take care of your trucks. With tons of rental trucks available from box trucks, to reefer trucks, day cabs, sleepers, 和 more. We can help with all your rental needs no matter if they’re seasonal or emergency needs. Our leasing department also offers 合同维护 计划, you allow us to take care of your fleet 和 keep your trucks up to date, so you can focus on the road ahead. 

太阳集团3143 和 保险

Our sales team will help you find the medium-duty or heavy-duty truck you need. Then our financing team will help make it yours. Our team works with over 80 partners, so we’re sure to get you terms you’ll like. Whatever your situation, whatever your credit, we want to help.

And when the truck is yours, 我们的保险团队 will keep you protected. Our partners offer a variety of coverage-types 和 amounts.