Volvo VAH Daycabs 和 Sleepers Designed 和 Built Just for the Car Hauler Industry

A smooth comfortable ride, superior noise suppression 和 ergonomically-optimized seating are just a few of the premium VAH features designed to enhance driver productivity. The VAH series employs a unique configuration that reduces overall height to provide the ultimate in 加载的灵活性. Deep-drop front axles, low-height Volvo Air Ride rear suspensions 和 reduced-height cab options all contribute to lower overall height, offering the flexibility to position a car, pick-up or minivan over the truck’s cab. A clean top-of-frame behind the VAH cab expedites body mounting简化了拖车连接.

As the premier car hauler dealership in North America, we sell more Volvo VAHs than any other dealership in the country. This allows us to work directly with the factory 和 share customer feedback that helps shape the design of the VAH – better meeting our customer’s needs. 

Our selection of new 和 used car carrier trucks within the Volvo 伏安时系列 include:


The 伏安时300 is designed to provide exceptional performance in tight spots thanks to a tight turning radius. 可提供94.5″ or 97.5”屋顶高度, the 伏安时300 is capable of carrying 11 trucks.

伏安时- 400 42“卧铺

Designed for regional hauls, the 伏安时400’s 42 inch sleeper provides ample space for drivers to rest while delivering maximum payload, 敏捷性, 和 driver amenities. 可提供97.5″ or 102.5”屋顶高度.

伏安时61 - 600“卧铺

For long-haul auto hauler drivers, the 伏安时600 is the industry’s premium sleeper. The expansive 61″ sleeper berth features a 36″ mattress, 足够的存储空间, 和 space for a refrigerator. 可提供97.5″ or 102.5”屋顶高度.

We also partner with customers to ensure the truck they’re buying meets every need. Additional specs include:

  • 多个出租车山庄
  • set forward front axle configuration
  • Volvo I-Shift 和 Eaton Fuller transmissions
  • quiet 和 spacious cabs


Volvo D11, Volvo D13

Unless specifically indicated, the values apply to both Volvo D11 和 Volvo D13.

  • Volvo D11 – 325-425 hp / 1,250-1,550 lb-ft.
  • Volvo D13 – 405-500 hp / 1,450-1,850 lb-ft.
  • 沃尔沃D11 - 661立方. in. (10.8 L)
  • 沃尔沃D13 - 780立方. in. (12.8 L)
生 & 中风
  • 沃尔沃D11 - 4.84 x 5.98 in. (123x152毫米)
  • 沃尔沃D13 - 5.16 x 6.22 in. (131 x158毫米)
  • 沃尔沃D11 - 6.06 in. (154 mm)
  • 沃尔沃D13 - 6.61 in. (168 mm)
Full Dress Dry Weight
  • Volvo D11 – 2259 lbs. (1025 kg)
  • Volvo D13 – 2605 lbs. (1182 kg)
Engine Brake 评级 – D11
  • 266马力,1500 RPM
  • 420马力,2200 RPM
Engine Brake 评级 – D13 Engine
  • 350马力,1500 RPM
  • 500 HP @ 2200 RPM



  • 伏安时300 – 50" or 52" depending on roof selection
  • 伏安时400 – 52" or 57" depending on roof selection
  • 伏安时600 – 52" or 57" depending on roof selection




Instrument Panel Decorative Trim