TEC Equipment 汽车运输 prides itself in being one of the largest and most attentive auto hauler dealerships 在这个国家. 我们提供:

  • 里诺wned for industry-best 客户太阳集团493
  • 大的库存 trucks and car hauler trailers, both new and used, from 多个大品牌 including Volvo, Peterbilt, Kenworth, Cottrell, Kentucky, Sun Country
  • 广泛的 部分 所有使
  • 都是 太阳集团493 of auto hauler trucks and trailers
  • 修理和制造 including cylinder work and welding

In a market driven by aggressive competition, tight margins and stringent regulations, you need equipment you can trust. 期. It must be efficient, allow for fast loading and unloading, and do so reliably for years. This is why we partner with the best auto transport truck and trailer manufacturers. We witness their quality first hand, every day … and they’re built to get the job done. 

One of the Largest Inventories of Auto Haulers For Sale

We offer one of the largest selections of new and used car haulers for sale in the United States. Our sales team specializes in getting you the exact chassis and stinger you need, including enclosed car hauler trailers. We’ve got the largest selection of Volvo VAH trucks in the US, and as an authorized Cottrell, Kentucky Trailer and Sun Country 预告片 dealer, we can help build out the perfect auto transport trailer for your needs. We also offer Peterbilt and Kenworth car haulers for customers, always ensuring the needs of our customers come first.

汽车运输 卡车 and Stinger Inventory

汽车运输 太阳集团493 and 制造

汽车运输 Trailer Inventory

Multiple Authorized Dealer Partnerships Mean Wins for Customers

We are authorized dealers for some of the top OEMs in the auto hauler industry, 所以当你和我们一起购物的时候, you can be sure you’re getting premium products and 太阳集团493.

The VAH series provides all the comfort of a Volvo combined with maximum loading flexibility. Built specifically for the auto hauler industry, the VAH is the gold standard in what an auto hauler should be. 想了解更多? Browse available inventory and learn more about the Volvo VAH.

Cottrell 预告片 is the largest over-the-road auto transport equipment manufacturer in the world. Cottrell equipment comes in a wide variety of headrack and trailer specifications offering more options for load configurations than any other manufacturer on the market today. 想要更多的信息? Learn more about Cottrell 预告片.

Kentucky Trailer’s industry-leading, enclosed auto transport trailers can protect and secure highly valuable vehicles as they move to their destination, accommodating two to seven cars, including motorcycles and ATVs. Looking for more information? Learn more about Kentucky 预告片 and see available inventory.

Sun Country 预告片 manufacturers hand-crafted, quality commercial car haulers for three, four or five cars as a leader in the development and production of low-profile auto transport equipment. 想了解更多? You can find more info about Sun Country trailers here!

As North America’s leading provider of OEM-quality truck modifications, Fontaine creates the most successful auto transport trucks on the road. Find out more about Fontaine’s capabilities 在他们的网站上.

超过45年了, Jerr-Dan has been defining the standards for performance, reliability and 太阳集团493 in the tow and recovery industry, as well as with car carriers. To learn more about TEC Equipment’s Jerr-Dan offerings, please visit our tow and recovery page.


No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. Our sales team works with customers all across the United States and Canada. Can’t make it to one of our locations to pick up that specialty part for your car hauler? 我们会把它寄给你! Our 太阳集团493 departments in 波特兰 and 凤凰城 can help with any 太阳集团493 you need, from simple preventative maintenance all the way to custom trailer modification.


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